Friday, March 15, 2013

Journey to wellness/Hey look. A new post, finally

So it has been a long time since I have jumped on this blog and share things. I know Daja, shame on me. But, lets face it. Im not as cool as you. So here I go. There will be ramblings. There will be stories. There will be health talk. But, simply a place for me to talk and share my heart. Please feel free to ask questions, but one thing I will not tolerate is rude people. So with that said, lets rock and roll. 

As most of you know I started my journey to wellness 2 years ago. The first 10 months I was un-stoppable. I dropped a lot of weight. Then I went on a glorious month long vacation. Hello. When you have family in California and Hawaii you must take long vacations. The first week went great. I went running and did yoga right on the beach. Ate amazingly well and then I fell off the wagon. Ate horribly and stopped working out. I gained some weight back and stayed off the weight loss wagon for about a year. I just got lazy and well…thats the truth. Not going to lie. 

I joined the rec center and would go and spend hours a week half behinding it. I would drink tons of soda, eat half way healthy and then get so upset when i wasn't seeing the results. I knew I needed a change. I started seeing my friend write about all her success with Zumba. I never stepped foot into a class and always thought this white girl could not dance. Maybe because the only "dancing" I ever did was in my home and at a friends wedding. My brother told me about Zumba at his church and I gave it a whirl. There begins a 2 year love. 

Zumba has become my passion. I have learned so many moves, steps, and gained many amazing friends. But still, wasn't back on track. I would eat very well, then have a cheat meal on a weekend that would turn into a cheat day and some times a cheat weekend. As time rolled on i became even more addicted to Zumba. I have an amazing friend, who is an instructor, and would trust me with her class at times, leading a few songs. My passion grew. But, I know I needed more.

In August of 2012 a new gym opened. It happens to be directly in front of my house. I was thinking about joining when one day my boss sends me a text that says, "I just bought you a year membership to Olympus. Because you're so awesome!" I was so excited! Olympus has been incredible! A few months back I hired a personal trainer who is like my brother and friend. I always wished I would, some how, get the opportunity to train with Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, or Dolvett Quince, but after working with Aaron I would not trade him for any trainer in the world. He knows me. He knows how and when to push me. He takes me to a whole new level I never ever would think I could go.  (I will have a bragging session is a minute). I started losing again and the weight and inches fell. Then I hit a wall. Spending 5-6 days a week at the gym, 2 with a trainer, and spending a couple hours a day, I was lost. I tried different things with my diet. Changing this up or that. Adding new things. I recently got SO frustrated I finally broke down. There is another trainer who specializes in nutrition who sat down with me and explained everything to me. I was eating the right things, but at the wrong time. Here was my WHAT moment.

Who knew you aren't to eat carbs after lunch. Not me. Had no clue. Who thought it was bad having a scoop of brown rice or quinoa with grilled fish was bad. With all the weight loss shows I watch and all the books I read. No one ever mentioned that. He sat there and explained everything and drew pictures. It clicked and everything was so easy. I have gained major muscle and strength and I have Jesus and my trainer Aaron for that. But now the rest of this stubborn weight will start coming off. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Aaron is my trainer and the sweetest guy. I remember first meeting him. I had seen him a lot and knew HE was going to train me. I love how God crossed our paths. It was nothing else but God and I am so thankful. I told him "I want you to make me throw up and help me get Jillian Michaels arms". He told me he would work me hard, but to never compare myself to someone else. He does not like me saying i will be skinny, but,  I will be STRONG and healthy! And strong and healthy I am becoming. 

*Caution. If you don't like people who brag now and then, simply skip this portion-lol* I go through intense workouts. He likes to torture me, in a good way, and he has earned a t-shirt I made that reads "I don't like Aaron". He loves it when I wear it. He has a workout called "The four quarters of hell". My favorite days are weight/strength training. I have shocked a lot of people and out lift a lot of guys. I currently free weight squat 275, I bear squat over 400, I leg press over 400, and I flip tires for fun. We are known as the power team and I love being able to get people intrigued and share my passion. Because over all my biggest passion is becoming a personal trainer and changing this over weight  world. One pound at a time.

So here I am. Same little girl who loves life, loves to be crazy, loves her family and friends, loves the homeless, loves music, and loves Jesus. 

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