Friday, March 15, 2013

Journey to wellness/Hey look. A new post, finally

So it has been a long time since I have jumped on this blog and share things. I know Daja, shame on me. But, lets face it. Im not as cool as you. So here I go. There will be ramblings. There will be stories. There will be health talk. But, simply a place for me to talk and share my heart. Please feel free to ask questions, but one thing I will not tolerate is rude people. So with that said, lets rock and roll. 

As most of you know I started my journey to wellness 2 years ago. The first 10 months I was un-stoppable. I dropped a lot of weight. Then I went on a glorious month long vacation. Hello. When you have family in California and Hawaii you must take long vacations. The first week went great. I went running and did yoga right on the beach. Ate amazingly well and then I fell off the wagon. Ate horribly and stopped working out. I gained some weight back and stayed off the weight loss wagon for about a year. I just got lazy and well…thats the truth. Not going to lie. 

I joined the rec center and would go and spend hours a week half behinding it. I would drink tons of soda, eat half way healthy and then get so upset when i wasn't seeing the results. I knew I needed a change. I started seeing my friend write about all her success with Zumba. I never stepped foot into a class and always thought this white girl could not dance. Maybe because the only "dancing" I ever did was in my home and at a friends wedding. My brother told me about Zumba at his church and I gave it a whirl. There begins a 2 year love. 

Zumba has become my passion. I have learned so many moves, steps, and gained many amazing friends. But still, wasn't back on track. I would eat very well, then have a cheat meal on a weekend that would turn into a cheat day and some times a cheat weekend. As time rolled on i became even more addicted to Zumba. I have an amazing friend, who is an instructor, and would trust me with her class at times, leading a few songs. My passion grew. But, I know I needed more.

In August of 2012 a new gym opened. It happens to be directly in front of my house. I was thinking about joining when one day my boss sends me a text that says, "I just bought you a year membership to Olympus. Because you're so awesome!" I was so excited! Olympus has been incredible! A few months back I hired a personal trainer who is like my brother and friend. I always wished I would, some how, get the opportunity to train with Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, or Dolvett Quince, but after working with Aaron I would not trade him for any trainer in the world. He knows me. He knows how and when to push me. He takes me to a whole new level I never ever would think I could go.  (I will have a bragging session is a minute). I started losing again and the weight and inches fell. Then I hit a wall. Spending 5-6 days a week at the gym, 2 with a trainer, and spending a couple hours a day, I was lost. I tried different things with my diet. Changing this up or that. Adding new things. I recently got SO frustrated I finally broke down. There is another trainer who specializes in nutrition who sat down with me and explained everything to me. I was eating the right things, but at the wrong time. Here was my WHAT moment.

Who knew you aren't to eat carbs after lunch. Not me. Had no clue. Who thought it was bad having a scoop of brown rice or quinoa with grilled fish was bad. With all the weight loss shows I watch and all the books I read. No one ever mentioned that. He sat there and explained everything and drew pictures. It clicked and everything was so easy. I have gained major muscle and strength and I have Jesus and my trainer Aaron for that. But now the rest of this stubborn weight will start coming off. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Aaron is my trainer and the sweetest guy. I remember first meeting him. I had seen him a lot and knew HE was going to train me. I love how God crossed our paths. It was nothing else but God and I am so thankful. I told him "I want you to make me throw up and help me get Jillian Michaels arms". He told me he would work me hard, but to never compare myself to someone else. He does not like me saying i will be skinny, but,  I will be STRONG and healthy! And strong and healthy I am becoming. 

*Caution. If you don't like people who brag now and then, simply skip this portion-lol* I go through intense workouts. He likes to torture me, in a good way, and he has earned a t-shirt I made that reads "I don't like Aaron". He loves it when I wear it. He has a workout called "The four quarters of hell". My favorite days are weight/strength training. I have shocked a lot of people and out lift a lot of guys. I currently free weight squat 275, I bear squat over 400, I leg press over 400, and I flip tires for fun. We are known as the power team and I love being able to get people intrigued and share my passion. Because over all my biggest passion is becoming a personal trainer and changing this over weight  world. One pound at a time.

So here I am. Same little girl who loves life, loves to be crazy, loves her family and friends, loves the homeless, loves music, and loves Jesus. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jewels For Hope; The Blog: In Honor of The Tatas- Sponsor Spotlight- Contempo...

Jewels For Hope; The Blog: In Honor of The Tatas- Sponsor Spotlight- Contempo...: You may have recently seen me post about the lovely shop Contemporary Jewelry ! Beatriz, the owner, was one of my sponsors for the Fall Fash...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

God's love for you

I wrote this a couple years ago and stumbled across it. I felt like sharing it here. Enjoy!

I was reading an email from a dear soul and it saddened my heart. She has been going through so many hard trying things in her life. It's like a huge wave has been thrown up against her and she is left laying there lifeless. Not knowing what to do. Not knowing which was is up. Not knowing where to go.
It's situations like this where we find it so much easier to stay where we are thrown, close our eyes, and believe everything will be ok. Not wanting to try to get up and brush off the dirt, the hardness, the sadness off us. I know myself I am that way. Let me stay here and never rise again. Im fine. But God is standing right by you with His hand stretched out to you waiting. He is there patient and the moment you turn to face Him, He has the most beautiful smile upon His face. He is not saying anything but you can feel it. It's like He is saying, its ok. Im here now. And as you reach out your hand, He gently grips yours and pulls you to your feet and wraps His ever loving arms around you. There He holds you for a long time. No words have to be spoken because you know you are safe. You are well. You are with the Father. He backs away and gently wipes away your tears with His nail scared hands and brings forth a smile. He then whispers, I love you, and as you look into His eyes you know you are going to be fine.

It's sort of surreal. How can someone make you feel this way. It's true though. He is the King of Kings and no one will ever understand how someone can be so amazing. He is, simple as that. No need to try to fathom it, because you never will be able to. Something you must believe and live out.

I, at so many times, try to figure out how people can live their life without Him. How can you wake up every morning and breath in the morning air and not think of who created it. I cant believe how someone can go out running and think of who made them. I cant believe someone can sit on a rock and hear the waves crashing around them as the most magnificent sunset is setting before them and not know who created that. It is as if God is sitting there painting it right before you. A show, to let you know He loves you. Those beautiful colors filling the sky are a gift from Him. Something He places in the Heavens to tell you He loves you. He wants you to know that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My trip to California take 1

3:20am came and I dreaded the alarm. I wished to turn it off and keep it that way. I was so tired. I kept getting random texts and alarms were going off on my phone. So I had about 2 hours of sleep. I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for my day. Dad and I headed out to the airport. To my surprise I am told they now charge for bags. Surprise number now have to pay for water. Yeah...thats all good. So first flight. Into Dallas. I NEVER can sleep on a flight. NEVER! I always shake awake. Well I had the whole row to myself so I laid down and fell asleep. I did hear the pilot anounce we were getting ready to land, so I got up and sat up. Well..fell back asleep. I was awaken by the flight attendant shaking me and saying MA'AM very loudly. Um...I slept through the landing, everyone getting their bags, and probably looking at the crazy girl sound asleep. I NEVER sleep like that. I am a very light sleeper. So that made my day. Had a lot of myself. I then headed to Phoenix which was fine. My next flight to my home town was different. My last flight was delayed, I had to change airlines (I have no clue why), check out of the airport, re-enter the secutiry, and get my ticket. When they then told me I was too late. Well, they put me through anyways and I made it just in time. Because the airport in my home town is so tiny, the next flight was 9 hours later. God is good and brought me to my home and I was so excited to see familiar things. I got my rental car and took off. I was so excited to see my best friend Sarah Kate and my two little nephews. Sarah was teaching ballet, so I watched my little men. Diego is 2 and Donovan is 6 months. So fun. We then took off to Trader Joes...which I was sooo excited to go to. I cant wait til Nashville's opens...I am counting down the months :) It is so nice to be here. I love it! I am going to be taking pictures every day to keep up with my blog. I think I will do a daily blog and put all the pictures at the end? Maybe? Maybe just add them every day. I didnt get a lot today, but dont worry...more to come. Thanks for your prayers for safety.....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random shots.....

I am by no means a photographer, but I love capturing fun times. The shots below are just a small gathering of some fun times...enjoy!
Bubblegum alley, SLO, CA. This is an amazing place to visit while in my

I love randomness. I was filling up my tank...AGAIN. Had my camera
so I shot.

One of my favorite places...Mt Herman, CA. So peaceful. So
beautiful. So many hiking trails. I love it!

My sand beach, HI. So much fun. Darn phone line

I LOVE this park, but it is like in Boonville. Ha!

My favorite place to hike and jog. Radner Lake. This was taken before
I took off to jog

I left my heart in Czech...

I left part of my heart in Czech Republic when I left in 2003. I spent some of the most amazing time there. Teaching these students was a blessing and the whole experience opened my eyes to the world out there. The world that is aching, hurting, in need of a wonderful loving Savior. I wanted to share some pictures with you that help capture the beauty that I was blessed to enjoy every year. Please enjoy!

Park in Warsaw, Poland. Incredibly beautiful

Palace grounds, Czech

Downtown Prague

St Vitus Cathedral, Prague

There is an incredible story behind this cross. Ask me and I will tell

I went on a boat cruise with some of the other teachers and this was
our view. Beauty!

Inside St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral.....

John Hus. Another amazing story behind this shot. Downtown Prague

Old Palace, Chotebor Czech

Chotebor, Czech. Please ask about this photo. I love this story

Chotebor, Czech. Houses once lived in by Gypsies. This is what
they do to the homes. Saddens my heart.

Charles Bridge. Prague, Czech. My heart

My favorite picture. Charles Bridge. Prague

Monday, May 19, 2008


Holy Spirit come. Holy Spirit come fill us. Holy Spirit come. Holy Spirit reign down on us. Songs are so powerful. Songs can impact us in such a way that we are moved to tears, crying out to God. I have spent many a days in sweet worship. I woke up this morning not sure what the day would hold. Walking into church I needed something special, a touch of the Holy Spirit in a way that only He knew to give. I entered into a worship that I have never experienced before. Worship started and as I stood up I knew it would be a great morning. The young man whom led me into worship was anointed beyond His years and his humility and passion for God out weigh any man I have ever met. Every song that was brought before the foot of the cross was amazing and straight to the heart. I was able to leave everything that was on my mind at the foot of the cross and clear my mind of everything and focus only on the one who loves me and gave up everything for me. You know how wonderful it is to express yourself in worship and not have to worry about people around you. It's so precious to fall into worship with the loving King who created you and concentrate on only Him. Singing your all, upwards. God is good and He is worthy of all our praise. I encourage you all to spend time in worship, thanking God for all He has done in your life and all He is going to continue to do.