Monday, May 19, 2008


Holy Spirit come. Holy Spirit come fill us. Holy Spirit come. Holy Spirit reign down on us. Songs are so powerful. Songs can impact us in such a way that we are moved to tears, crying out to God. I have spent many a days in sweet worship. I woke up this morning not sure what the day would hold. Walking into church I needed something special, a touch of the Holy Spirit in a way that only He knew to give. I entered into a worship that I have never experienced before. Worship started and as I stood up I knew it would be a great morning. The young man whom led me into worship was anointed beyond His years and his humility and passion for God out weigh any man I have ever met. Every song that was brought before the foot of the cross was amazing and straight to the heart. I was able to leave everything that was on my mind at the foot of the cross and clear my mind of everything and focus only on the one who loves me and gave up everything for me. You know how wonderful it is to express yourself in worship and not have to worry about people around you. It's so precious to fall into worship with the loving King who created you and concentrate on only Him. Singing your all, upwards. God is good and He is worthy of all our praise. I encourage you all to spend time in worship, thanking God for all He has done in your life and all He is going to continue to do.


So it has been 3 years since I walked the cobble stones streets of Prague, Czech Republic. Oh how I dream to get back there. I spent 3 amazing summers in Czech teaching conversational English. Each year something new and exciting happened. The students were amazing, beautiful, and sweet. Always wanting to learn more about America and English. Every Thursday evening we would share the Gospel and there would be many questions from the students as to why jesus loved them. It was a sweet time and I miss it so.
Prague would have to be the most amazing city I have ever been to. I have been to some of the greatest. Paris, London, Warsaw, Vienna...nothing compares to Prague. With it's rich culture and beautiful people, I will never get sick of walking the streets. The Charles Bridge is amazing. Lined with Czech musicians and artists...they have kind gentle souls aching to be seen. St Vitus Cathedral is a sight to see. With it's beauty and ancient stories you will be there for hours. The glass windows will steal your breath away as you stare into the intriquet design. Every little detail captured so delicatly you will want to capture each piece of art.
Oh how I long to get back to my home away from home and breath it all in again. I long to walk across Charles Bridge. I long to sail on the river front. I long to sip hot Chai at the local Chaiovna. I love to sit and catch up with old friends. I long to be the light in this dark dark Country. This Country needs all the love and joy it can get. So...if you dream like I dream, go to Prague. Take a trip and see the sights. And if you need a travel guide, I would love to get back :)

You Will Breathe Again

Have you ever had something happen and you feel you have forgotten how to breathe? 2 weeks ago I was trying to get over the fact that my space had just been violated. My car was broken into and my stomach was finally getting back to normal. The picture from the security camera, of that girl getting into my car kept lingering in my mind. I was doing well, having plenty of laughs, and enjoying a nice lunch. As I sat down at my desk I looked at my phone and saw my mom had sent me a text. This was it. As I opened my phone and pressed the read key I read the words, call me. My stomach started to sink. As I walked out my door into the hallway away from everyone I called my mom. As she spoke my heart sank and I felt sick. My best friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I was holding together until mom started to cry. As I hung up the phone I ran to my friend, who is a major prayer warrior. For a long time she held me as she prayed. I took the rest of the day off to think and pray and shop. That always gets my mind off things. I got frustrated. I thought some more. I drank Starbucks and I cried. I thought some more. I wondered and asked God why. Why my mom? I know we arent to ask why and may never know why, but it came. I wasnt bitter or angry, but wanted to ask. My family was moving out here in a few days and in 2 weeks they were leaving for Africa. The puzzle pieces of these trips were falling perfectly together. There was just one piece left of this puzzle of their life all fell to the floor. Breaking into a million pieces. The breaks had been hit and we were all sitting there asking why. We dont know why God planned this for my mom, but we are ready to see.
It was a couple days later and I was having a hard day. I needed my friends shoulders and I needed to be at my moms side. It was the day of my moms surgery and I wasnt able to get a flight home. My heart was broken and I couldnt think. My phone at work rang and it was an account, who is more like a wonderful sweet friend. Her name is Lisa and a total blessing. She asked how I was and I was able to share. She stopped and started to pray the most powerful beautiful prayer. I was doing fine...again...until she began to pray for me. I sat in my chair wheeping. As she prayed for me I felt this amazing peace just fall upon me. As she ended the prayer she said that while she was praying she saw a blanket falling from Heaven and falling on me. She felt that was Gods love and peace falling upon me. It was amazing!
Mom is doing well and her prognosis was great! Doctors are very happy. She starts radiation the Monday while I am home. I wanted to be there for her surgery, but wasnt, so being able to be there for her first round of radiation wll be awesome! She will get treatments 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks. Praise be to God they caught the cancer just in time and she does NOT need chemo. Thats a total blessing. She is holding in there and doing well. She has had a couple moments, but my brother is doing a fine job making her laugh...or informing me so I can be her laughter.
As of right now, they are not sure when they will be out here. Possibly end of May. I just miss them so and cant wait to see them. Thank you for all your prayers. Much love! I need to leave now. Its extremly hot in here and I need to get my fan going. :)

Breaking of the Church

Does it ever bother you that churches are breaking, spliting, hurting, wanting? So many churches are in this situation. They are longing and wanting an end. To bring forth a reconciliation. I have been in a church where people up and left due to the change in worship. Things were said and feelings were hurt. Several people left. Something that made me sit back and shake my head asking why? So many things are in this world that we need to look upon and change, yet we are so worried about the worship in the church so we fight and break. God doesnt want this, nor does he like this.
In the book of Luke, we find in chapter 10, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your stength and with all your mind, and, Love your neighbor as yourself. Hmmmm.... So...if we first love God. Then love our neighbors as much as ourselves then we should be cool with one other. Bringing forth reconciliation within the church. Because if we truly love God first and formost we should all get along, right? Hmmm...and if we actually DO love ourselves, we should love our neighbors. Now...DO we love ourselves. Another question that fills my mind with people. There are so many hurting people out there that dont even love themselves. Maybe thats what we need to be doing. Removing ourselves from the church situation and do a heart check. Learning to love yourself before you can learn to love others. It's a shaker, huh? God is good and will work it all out.
We must all sit back and check ourselves. Truth is, we're not perfect. Beauty is, God is. If we all follow the call of Jesus and take up our cross, follow Him, and yearn to be more like Him then guess what. All will fall beautifully into place. But until then, we will live in a mess and shambles will be told. That is my thought for this day. It is truly a beautiful Memorial Day where I am ever so thankful to be alive. We serve such a mighty God, dont we?! Thank you for reading my thoughts.


I sit in my room as midnight has come and past. I felt the need to put on a beautiful song I have been listening to a lot lately. An anointed man of God back home in Cali wrote this song. It's called "This Offering". I came across his page and this song has been blessing my ears ever since. From the moment I get to work to the moment I leave it is on. A simple, yet beautiful song it will soak deep and speak to you. Speaking on praising Him with our everything, until we have nothing left to give. Sing worship until we can no longer speak. Bow down at His feet and humbly asking Him to accept our offering. Wow!
I am gently reminded of Gods great love for me and all He askes in return is my worship. How simple is that? Wow! I have a Father who created everything around me. The grass I run through. The waves I hear crashing. The blue sky. The beautiful tall trees. My Father made these. No man. Makes my heart sing. So why cant I offer back to Him my praise and thanks. Not only for the things He has created, but for His love, Mercy, His greatness, His forgiveness, His...perfect beauty.
All I wish to do is enter into a worship so sweet. The best worship is when all else fades away and there is nothing left except me and my King. Though I may not be able to see His face. I feel His presence. I see His light shine on me. I love the feeling when I can loose myself in worship and not think about anyone around me. If I want to dance, Im going to dance. If I want to raise my hands and shout, I am going to do so. The Bible tells us to express ourselves in worship and I dont express myself very well sitting down. When I enter into worship I feel like I am stepping into a whole other world. Like all that is going on around me has left. God is telling me He wants all my focus and not to worry about all going on around me. Because at that moment in doesnt matter.
My desire is be able to help others fall more in love with Christ through worship. We, as a Country, are lacking the ability and knoweldge of true worship. We need to all go back to the foot of the cross and cry out to Him. Seek His face and humbly ask for leading in worship. We all need to stop worrying about what is going on around us and put our focus back on Christ. Do as the Spirit leads. Ask Him to lead you. Dont let someone tell you when to worship, when to raise your hands...let the Spirit lead you. He will lead you and He will speak to you. We serve such a mighty God. He wants your praise. He wants your worship. He will guide you into that time.

Gods Love For YOU

I was reading an email from a dear soul and it saddened my heart. She has been going through so many hard trying things in her life. It's like a huge wave has been thrown up against her and she is left laying there lifeless. Not knowing what to do. Not knowing which was is up. Not knowing where to go.
It's situations like this where we find it so much easier to stay where we are thrown, close our eyes, and believe everything will be ok. Not wanting to try to get up and brush off the dirt, the hardness, the sadness off us. I know myself I am that way. Let me stay here and never rise again. Im fine. But God is standing right by you with His hand stretched out to you waiting. He is there patient and the moment you turn to face Him, He has the most beautiful smile upon His face. He is not saying anything but you can feel it. It's like He is saying, its ok. Im here now. And as you reach out your hand, He gently grips yours and pulls you to your feet and wraps His ever loving arms around you. There He holds you for a long time. No words have to be spoken because you know you are safe. You are well. You are with the Father. He backs away and gently wipes away your tears with His nail scared hands and brings forth a smile. He then whispers, I love you, and as you look into His eyes you know you are going to be fine.

It's sort of surreal. How can someone make you feel this way. It's true though. He is the King of Kings and no one will ever understand how someone can be so amazing. He is, simple as that. No need to try to fathom it, because you never will be able to. Something you must believe and live out.

I, at so many times, try to figure out how people can live their life without Him. How can you wake up every morning and breath in the morning air and not think of who created it. I cant believe how someone can go out running and think of who made them. I cant believe someone can sit on a rock and hear the waves crashing around them as the most magnificent sunset is setting before them and not know who created that. It is as if God is sitting there painting it right before you. A show, to let you know He loves you. Those beautiful colors filling the sky are a gift from Him. Something He places in the Heavens to tell you He loves you. He wants you to know that.

You're a Masterpiece, NOT a Mess

I have a simple question for you. What is the difference between a mess and a masterpiece? A little more attention is brought forth to one over the other. Have you ever thought that YOU are a materpiece? A beautiful creation created by God. You are simply breath taking...something like no of a kind...a gem...a rare piece of art that should be looked upon such as that. When God created you, He created a masterpiece for all to enjoy.
Then why are so many of us looked past? Walked by? Shunned? Forgotten? Like maybe...maybe we are a mess? Hmmm...horrible to think that possibly God created a mess? Huh..I think NOT. Then why do so many people feel that way? Why do we walk past someone who is of another color? Why do we cringe at the sight of a homeless man or a woman with a deformed face? Why do we so many times think we are so much better than these people? I mean, do you honestly think you are better than anyone? Sorry to break it to're not. Each and every one of us are equal. No matter if someone is a different color...if someone has a health problem...if someone is in debt...if someone isnt, well isnt the way YOU want them to be. God loves them no less than you. They are no less perfect in Gods eyes.
This should make you think. My favorite artist is JW Waterhouse. No Monet, no Van Gogh...but he creates such beauty to me. Thats how God is with us. He creates something so simple, so powerful, He creates a beautiful masterpiece for everyone to enjoy. Our God is NOT a God of mishaps. Our God is NOT a God of WHOOPS! He is a God who knows what He is doing and only creates the most amazing works of art.
I think we should all start looking at people through Gods eyes. Not our eyes. Because if we truly want to be like HIM and we truly want to make a difference in this world. And if we truly want to have HIS eyes, HIS heart, HIS love...then we need to start loving everyone. Love them for them and not their faults. Remember..only God creates Masterpieces, not messes.

You Know Youre In Nashville When...

You know youre in Nashville when...
1) Your car is broken into and it takes 4 hours for cops to come...and the police station is across the street
2) A red light means..see how many cars can go through before being caught
3) Yeild...if you actually WANT to
4) They have laws that NO ONE knows about
5) There is a Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donut, or Starbucks on EVERY corner
6) You walk into a Supermarket and everything is in Spanish...with ENGLISH subtitles
7) Everyone is a musician
8) You are not known by your name, but which County or Subdivision you live in
9) You live 1 mile from the Library, yet cant get a card because you dont live in their "County". (and the one in your "county is 20 miles from you)
10) You will never meet people more into their County or Subdivision
11) When filling out a survey at a new must fill out which subdivision you live in
12) Cats have been found in local Chinese restuarants...and NOT as pets
13) You will see a redneck with a beer belly get out of his car...after parking in the expectant mother space at the mall
14) Cops have no necks, eyes that bug out, and like to scream a lot
15) Their idea of NOT Mexican
16) You WONT find a beach
17) Freedom of speech is NOT allowed
18) You are given no reason why you are let go
19) To get un-employment you must fill out 30 papers, have sit down meetings, wait 4 weeks, and give blood....yet if youre illegial have free reign of the bank
20) People think youre famous because youre from California
21) Trucks can go in any lane and go as fast as they wish. (Serious...I was going 70 and one zoomed past me in the fast lane...going at LEAST 80 if not more)
22) If "Californians are the worst drivers" then they must all live here
23) You have a silo in your back yard...and you live in a subdivision
24) When you turn off the freeway do you stay in the left right hand lane, the left left hand lane, the right right hand lane or the left right hand lane?
25) There are picnic benches UNDER the freeway

Chains That Bind

When we're born, we are born with chains placed upon our bodies. It's nothing we chose.It's nothing we ask for. It is something that comes automatically with birth. Chains that bind us to the sin that is birthed within us. Kinda bewilders us to think that a little perfect looking child, lying helpless is full of sin. If you can try to invision a picture of a beautiful little baby. So cute, just been washed clean, snuggled in a little blanket, is placed upon his mothers warm body to start their bonding process. Now imagine little tiny chains wrapped all around his little hands, his feet, his neck, his waist. Makes you get a little teary eyed, doesnt it. That is how we are born into this world. As we grow up we can go one of two ways. The road leading to perfect sweet forgiveness. A love and forgiveness so rich that it will remove those chains. Or we can choose to walk the road of life full of lies, hate, sin, and distruction. If we chose that road and as we travel those chains will start to become tighter and tighter. The more you grow in your sins the tighter those chains become on you. You will soon forget to work, forget to function, and everything that is of any importance to you will slowly fade away. Because you are so involved with how to stop the pain and hurt within you.
The beautiful thing is you can have those chains removed. We serve such a mighty and loving King who is waiting so patiently for you to call out for His help. He is there for you to run to and wrap His ever loving arms around you. A simple cry out for the Lords forgiveness and choosing to love, follow, and simply believe in Him will remove those chains and keep you feeling so free. Free enough that you will want to dance. Because before, the dancing never came.

Blaming the President or sin? The choice is yours

I was thinking today as I am remember my brothers and sisters serving this Country. Everyone that wants to end this war. You know...there is nothing I want more than for this war to end. My heart aches and breaks anytime I hear about a life that has been lost. Or anytime I know a mother or father will be away for Christmas. Anytime I read an article about a wife giving birth to her new son...who has just lost her husband. Yes...I wish they were all home. I wish they were all safe. I wish we could all live in pure peace. But that is long down the road.
Too many times we get upset. We are mad at the President. We will sit outside for hours upon hour picketing the war, waiting for an end. But...what people arent understanding is this one thing. Until the day our Lord Jesus comes back, evil will always be in the world. War will always be. Hurting will always be. Tears will always fall. Pain we will all bear. It is by faith that some of us get by. It is not the Presidents fault we are at war. It is the fault of sin and man kind. It is not the Presidents fault that this world needs Jesus. It is not the Presidents fault that men and women are dying. It is purely the fault of men and women and their sin that has been placed upon them.
When we are born, we are born with a burden to carry. The burden of sin. Honestly...there is only one way to escape that sin and if we arent willing to accept that, then we will always live in it. So many people in this world have chosen that life. Because of this decission that has been made by so many people, this war has come about. The only way to stop to know Jesus.
Everyone is aware of this lady............... She has been camping herself outside of Bush's place hoping her picket signs and parades will end this war. She lost her son and wont be getting him back. She is partnered with a man form my home town in CA. I know his wife. A dear sweet lady who, instead of picketing, hoping for a change. She is making a change. She lost her son as well and knew he would not want her picketing...but helping those serving. Thats when she partnered with and her buisness to send out packages to troops. Just think....if all these months and years this lady sat with a sign...what if her soul was saved and she was spending those months and years reaching out to the lost. Changing a life and turning them to Jesus. That would be 1 more in the Kingdom and 1 more to help make this place better. Evil will always reside here until every ear has heard the good news. Until then.....wars will always be. Pain will always be. Hurt will always be. No one to blame, but sin. If we wish for sin to be removed and us to live in peace and harmony, we must do our part by reaching out to the lost and changing lives 1 at a time. The faster we work..the faster this world will know Jesus...the faster He will come.
Maybe this is just a bunch of my ramblings, but it is just my heart.