Sunday, August 17, 2008

I left my heart in Czech...

I left part of my heart in Czech Republic when I left in 2003. I spent some of the most amazing time there. Teaching these students was a blessing and the whole experience opened my eyes to the world out there. The world that is aching, hurting, in need of a wonderful loving Savior. I wanted to share some pictures with you that help capture the beauty that I was blessed to enjoy every year. Please enjoy!

Park in Warsaw, Poland. Incredibly beautiful

Palace grounds, Czech

Downtown Prague

St Vitus Cathedral, Prague

There is an incredible story behind this cross. Ask me and I will tell

I went on a boat cruise with some of the other teachers and this was
our view. Beauty!

Inside St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral.....

John Hus. Another amazing story behind this shot. Downtown Prague

Old Palace, Chotebor Czech

Chotebor, Czech. Please ask about this photo. I love this story

Chotebor, Czech. Houses once lived in by Gypsies. This is what
they do to the homes. Saddens my heart.

Charles Bridge. Prague, Czech. My heart

My favorite picture. Charles Bridge. Prague

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Sheri said...

Love all your pictures Carey. I hope you get to return to Prague one day.