Monday, May 19, 2008

You Know Youre In Nashville When...

You know youre in Nashville when...
1) Your car is broken into and it takes 4 hours for cops to come...and the police station is across the street
2) A red light means..see how many cars can go through before being caught
3) Yeild...if you actually WANT to
4) They have laws that NO ONE knows about
5) There is a Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donut, or Starbucks on EVERY corner
6) You walk into a Supermarket and everything is in Spanish...with ENGLISH subtitles
7) Everyone is a musician
8) You are not known by your name, but which County or Subdivision you live in
9) You live 1 mile from the Library, yet cant get a card because you dont live in their "County". (and the one in your "county is 20 miles from you)
10) You will never meet people more into their County or Subdivision
11) When filling out a survey at a new must fill out which subdivision you live in
12) Cats have been found in local Chinese restuarants...and NOT as pets
13) You will see a redneck with a beer belly get out of his car...after parking in the expectant mother space at the mall
14) Cops have no necks, eyes that bug out, and like to scream a lot
15) Their idea of NOT Mexican
16) You WONT find a beach
17) Freedom of speech is NOT allowed
18) You are given no reason why you are let go
19) To get un-employment you must fill out 30 papers, have sit down meetings, wait 4 weeks, and give blood....yet if youre illegial have free reign of the bank
20) People think youre famous because youre from California
21) Trucks can go in any lane and go as fast as they wish. (Serious...I was going 70 and one zoomed past me in the fast lane...going at LEAST 80 if not more)
22) If "Californians are the worst drivers" then they must all live here
23) You have a silo in your back yard...and you live in a subdivision
24) When you turn off the freeway do you stay in the left right hand lane, the left left hand lane, the right right hand lane or the left right hand lane?
25) There are picnic benches UNDER the freeway

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