Monday, May 19, 2008

Chains That Bind

When we're born, we are born with chains placed upon our bodies. It's nothing we chose.It's nothing we ask for. It is something that comes automatically with birth. Chains that bind us to the sin that is birthed within us. Kinda bewilders us to think that a little perfect looking child, lying helpless is full of sin. If you can try to invision a picture of a beautiful little baby. So cute, just been washed clean, snuggled in a little blanket, is placed upon his mothers warm body to start their bonding process. Now imagine little tiny chains wrapped all around his little hands, his feet, his neck, his waist. Makes you get a little teary eyed, doesnt it. That is how we are born into this world. As we grow up we can go one of two ways. The road leading to perfect sweet forgiveness. A love and forgiveness so rich that it will remove those chains. Or we can choose to walk the road of life full of lies, hate, sin, and distruction. If we chose that road and as we travel those chains will start to become tighter and tighter. The more you grow in your sins the tighter those chains become on you. You will soon forget to work, forget to function, and everything that is of any importance to you will slowly fade away. Because you are so involved with how to stop the pain and hurt within you.
The beautiful thing is you can have those chains removed. We serve such a mighty and loving King who is waiting so patiently for you to call out for His help. He is there for you to run to and wrap His ever loving arms around you. A simple cry out for the Lords forgiveness and choosing to love, follow, and simply believe in Him will remove those chains and keep you feeling so free. Free enough that you will want to dance. Because before, the dancing never came.

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