Monday, May 19, 2008


So it has been 3 years since I walked the cobble stones streets of Prague, Czech Republic. Oh how I dream to get back there. I spent 3 amazing summers in Czech teaching conversational English. Each year something new and exciting happened. The students were amazing, beautiful, and sweet. Always wanting to learn more about America and English. Every Thursday evening we would share the Gospel and there would be many questions from the students as to why jesus loved them. It was a sweet time and I miss it so.
Prague would have to be the most amazing city I have ever been to. I have been to some of the greatest. Paris, London, Warsaw, Vienna...nothing compares to Prague. With it's rich culture and beautiful people, I will never get sick of walking the streets. The Charles Bridge is amazing. Lined with Czech musicians and artists...they have kind gentle souls aching to be seen. St Vitus Cathedral is a sight to see. With it's beauty and ancient stories you will be there for hours. The glass windows will steal your breath away as you stare into the intriquet design. Every little detail captured so delicatly you will want to capture each piece of art.
Oh how I long to get back to my home away from home and breath it all in again. I long to walk across Charles Bridge. I long to sail on the river front. I long to sip hot Chai at the local Chaiovna. I love to sit and catch up with old friends. I long to be the light in this dark dark Country. This Country needs all the love and joy it can get. So...if you dream like I dream, go to Prague. Take a trip and see the sights. And if you need a travel guide, I would love to get back :)

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