Monday, May 19, 2008

You Will Breathe Again

Have you ever had something happen and you feel you have forgotten how to breathe? 2 weeks ago I was trying to get over the fact that my space had just been violated. My car was broken into and my stomach was finally getting back to normal. The picture from the security camera, of that girl getting into my car kept lingering in my mind. I was doing well, having plenty of laughs, and enjoying a nice lunch. As I sat down at my desk I looked at my phone and saw my mom had sent me a text. This was it. As I opened my phone and pressed the read key I read the words, call me. My stomach started to sink. As I walked out my door into the hallway away from everyone I called my mom. As she spoke my heart sank and I felt sick. My best friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I was holding together until mom started to cry. As I hung up the phone I ran to my friend, who is a major prayer warrior. For a long time she held me as she prayed. I took the rest of the day off to think and pray and shop. That always gets my mind off things. I got frustrated. I thought some more. I drank Starbucks and I cried. I thought some more. I wondered and asked God why. Why my mom? I know we arent to ask why and may never know why, but it came. I wasnt bitter or angry, but wanted to ask. My family was moving out here in a few days and in 2 weeks they were leaving for Africa. The puzzle pieces of these trips were falling perfectly together. There was just one piece left of this puzzle of their life all fell to the floor. Breaking into a million pieces. The breaks had been hit and we were all sitting there asking why. We dont know why God planned this for my mom, but we are ready to see.
It was a couple days later and I was having a hard day. I needed my friends shoulders and I needed to be at my moms side. It was the day of my moms surgery and I wasnt able to get a flight home. My heart was broken and I couldnt think. My phone at work rang and it was an account, who is more like a wonderful sweet friend. Her name is Lisa and a total blessing. She asked how I was and I was able to share. She stopped and started to pray the most powerful beautiful prayer. I was doing fine...again...until she began to pray for me. I sat in my chair wheeping. As she prayed for me I felt this amazing peace just fall upon me. As she ended the prayer she said that while she was praying she saw a blanket falling from Heaven and falling on me. She felt that was Gods love and peace falling upon me. It was amazing!
Mom is doing well and her prognosis was great! Doctors are very happy. She starts radiation the Monday while I am home. I wanted to be there for her surgery, but wasnt, so being able to be there for her first round of radiation wll be awesome! She will get treatments 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks. Praise be to God they caught the cancer just in time and she does NOT need chemo. Thats a total blessing. She is holding in there and doing well. She has had a couple moments, but my brother is doing a fine job making her laugh...or informing me so I can be her laughter.
As of right now, they are not sure when they will be out here. Possibly end of May. I just miss them so and cant wait to see them. Thank you for all your prayers. Much love! I need to leave now. Its extremly hot in here and I need to get my fan going. :)

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