Monday, May 19, 2008


I sit in my room as midnight has come and past. I felt the need to put on a beautiful song I have been listening to a lot lately. An anointed man of God back home in Cali wrote this song. It's called "This Offering". I came across his page and this song has been blessing my ears ever since. From the moment I get to work to the moment I leave it is on. A simple, yet beautiful song it will soak deep and speak to you. Speaking on praising Him with our everything, until we have nothing left to give. Sing worship until we can no longer speak. Bow down at His feet and humbly asking Him to accept our offering. Wow!
I am gently reminded of Gods great love for me and all He askes in return is my worship. How simple is that? Wow! I have a Father who created everything around me. The grass I run through. The waves I hear crashing. The blue sky. The beautiful tall trees. My Father made these. No man. Makes my heart sing. So why cant I offer back to Him my praise and thanks. Not only for the things He has created, but for His love, Mercy, His greatness, His forgiveness, His...perfect beauty.
All I wish to do is enter into a worship so sweet. The best worship is when all else fades away and there is nothing left except me and my King. Though I may not be able to see His face. I feel His presence. I see His light shine on me. I love the feeling when I can loose myself in worship and not think about anyone around me. If I want to dance, Im going to dance. If I want to raise my hands and shout, I am going to do so. The Bible tells us to express ourselves in worship and I dont express myself very well sitting down. When I enter into worship I feel like I am stepping into a whole other world. Like all that is going on around me has left. God is telling me He wants all my focus and not to worry about all going on around me. Because at that moment in doesnt matter.
My desire is be able to help others fall more in love with Christ through worship. We, as a Country, are lacking the ability and knoweldge of true worship. We need to all go back to the foot of the cross and cry out to Him. Seek His face and humbly ask for leading in worship. We all need to stop worrying about what is going on around us and put our focus back on Christ. Do as the Spirit leads. Ask Him to lead you. Dont let someone tell you when to worship, when to raise your hands...let the Spirit lead you. He will lead you and He will speak to you. We serve such a mighty God. He wants your praise. He wants your worship. He will guide you into that time.

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