Monday, May 19, 2008

Blaming the President or sin? The choice is yours

I was thinking today as I am remember my brothers and sisters serving this Country. Everyone that wants to end this war. You know...there is nothing I want more than for this war to end. My heart aches and breaks anytime I hear about a life that has been lost. Or anytime I know a mother or father will be away for Christmas. Anytime I read an article about a wife giving birth to her new son...who has just lost her husband. Yes...I wish they were all home. I wish they were all safe. I wish we could all live in pure peace. But that is long down the road.
Too many times we get upset. We are mad at the President. We will sit outside for hours upon hour picketing the war, waiting for an end. But...what people arent understanding is this one thing. Until the day our Lord Jesus comes back, evil will always be in the world. War will always be. Hurting will always be. Tears will always fall. Pain we will all bear. It is by faith that some of us get by. It is not the Presidents fault we are at war. It is the fault of sin and man kind. It is not the Presidents fault that this world needs Jesus. It is not the Presidents fault that men and women are dying. It is purely the fault of men and women and their sin that has been placed upon them.
When we are born, we are born with a burden to carry. The burden of sin. Honestly...there is only one way to escape that sin and if we arent willing to accept that, then we will always live in it. So many people in this world have chosen that life. Because of this decission that has been made by so many people, this war has come about. The only way to stop to know Jesus.
Everyone is aware of this lady............... She has been camping herself outside of Bush's place hoping her picket signs and parades will end this war. She lost her son and wont be getting him back. She is partnered with a man form my home town in CA. I know his wife. A dear sweet lady who, instead of picketing, hoping for a change. She is making a change. She lost her son as well and knew he would not want her picketing...but helping those serving. Thats when she partnered with and her buisness to send out packages to troops. Just think....if all these months and years this lady sat with a sign...what if her soul was saved and she was spending those months and years reaching out to the lost. Changing a life and turning them to Jesus. That would be 1 more in the Kingdom and 1 more to help make this place better. Evil will always reside here until every ear has heard the good news. Until then.....wars will always be. Pain will always be. Hurt will always be. No one to blame, but sin. If we wish for sin to be removed and us to live in peace and harmony, we must do our part by reaching out to the lost and changing lives 1 at a time. The faster we work..the faster this world will know Jesus...the faster He will come.
Maybe this is just a bunch of my ramblings, but it is just my heart.

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