Monday, May 19, 2008

You're a Masterpiece, NOT a Mess

I have a simple question for you. What is the difference between a mess and a masterpiece? A little more attention is brought forth to one over the other. Have you ever thought that YOU are a materpiece? A beautiful creation created by God. You are simply breath taking...something like no of a kind...a gem...a rare piece of art that should be looked upon such as that. When God created you, He created a masterpiece for all to enjoy.
Then why are so many of us looked past? Walked by? Shunned? Forgotten? Like maybe...maybe we are a mess? Hmmm...horrible to think that possibly God created a mess? Huh..I think NOT. Then why do so many people feel that way? Why do we walk past someone who is of another color? Why do we cringe at the sight of a homeless man or a woman with a deformed face? Why do we so many times think we are so much better than these people? I mean, do you honestly think you are better than anyone? Sorry to break it to're not. Each and every one of us are equal. No matter if someone is a different color...if someone has a health problem...if someone is in debt...if someone isnt, well isnt the way YOU want them to be. God loves them no less than you. They are no less perfect in Gods eyes.
This should make you think. My favorite artist is JW Waterhouse. No Monet, no Van Gogh...but he creates such beauty to me. Thats how God is with us. He creates something so simple, so powerful, He creates a beautiful masterpiece for everyone to enjoy. Our God is NOT a God of mishaps. Our God is NOT a God of WHOOPS! He is a God who knows what He is doing and only creates the most amazing works of art.
I think we should all start looking at people through Gods eyes. Not our eyes. Because if we truly want to be like HIM and we truly want to make a difference in this world. And if we truly want to have HIS eyes, HIS heart, HIS love...then we need to start loving everyone. Love them for them and not their faults. Remember..only God creates Masterpieces, not messes.

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